6 Food Combinations That Will Make You Question Everything

Okay, we all know that Malaysia is a multicultural country. A melting pot of food and culture. However, we have to admit that we can get a little too creative sometimes.

So let’s talk about some questionable mixtures of food. Ones that will really make you go “what in the world…”


1. Macaroni & Lychee

We’re starting it off with a bang! Honestly, who would’ve thought?? I stumbled upon this when scrolling through Facebook group, Masak Apa Hari Ini and it definitely caught my attention.

Habieybah Salwa submitted this into the group and captioned it as ‘End of the Month Menu’. This odd combo is a jelly that is best consumed cold. Don’t worry the macaroni is boiled first before put into the lychee jelly.


2. Ikan Masin & Strawberry 

When I think of strawberries, I think of jams, cakes and other sweet stuff. But I never would’ve thought of this combination.

The history behind the creation of the sambal strawberry is that the family used to own a catering business. During one event, the mother decided to make a unique dish- sambal strawberry. It was a hit during the event and when one person suggested they bottle it up and sell it, that’s exactly what they did!


3. Milo & Maggi

This one seems to have mix reviews. You’re either going to love it or hate it, no in between. Apparently, the milo gives the soup a thicker consistency.


4. Burger Maggi

Malaysians love maggi mee. It’s cheap, easy to make and accessible to everyone.

Now, a burger maggi can be made in two ways; use the maggi as the buns or make a maggi patty as an add on to your burger. So much happening at once but it sure tastes good.


5. Keropok & Hot Tea

No we’re not blending these two together. Instead, hot tea serves as a dip for the keropok.


6. Mamee Milkshake

Yes, Mamee the childhood snack. Remember the freak shake craze? This is one of them. The Mamee snack serves as a topping for a very chocolatey milkshake, giving it a little bit of a crunch.

What do you think of these combinations? Do they seem normal to you or just straight up weird?

Written by Aina Azhar

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