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Author page: iCookAsia

This Simple Recipe Will Satisfy Your Korean Fried Chicken Cravings

Have you ever met someone that doesn’t like fried chicken? Didn’t think so. Korean food seems to be one of the biggest trends right now, solidifying its position as one of the most sought cuisines in Malaysia. After all, everyone has their cravings once in a while right? Korean Fried Chicken is absolutely heavenly. Let’s get that statement…

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5 Cakes You Can Make Without An Oven

Cakes? Delicious. Ovens? Practical, but it can be quite a hassle to use if you’re not familiar with the settings. One wrong setting might just ruin your whole dessert. On the other hand, steaming your cakes is a foolproof way to cook your dessert with the most fluffy results.   1. Chocolate Moist Cake A fudgy cake that will definitely…

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7 Traditional Terengganu Food We All Love

Terengganu is a state that’s not only blessed with beautiful islands, it also has a wide variety of traditional food that is loved throughout the country. Although some dishes are similar to other states (because of the proximity), it still has its own Terengganu flare. Here are some of our favourites.   1. Nasi Dagang A representative dish of…

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