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  • 12 Chef Profesional Rebut Gelaran World Halal Culinary Championship 2019 Di Brunei

    Buat julung kalinya, World Halal Culinary Championship 2019 turut mengambil bahagian dalam BIMP-EAGE Culinary Challenge di International Convention Center, Brunei Darussalam dan bakal menampilkan 12 chef profesional daripada Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina, Singapura dan Thailand bagi merebut gelaran juara pada 10 hingga 12 November ini. Dengan had masa dua jam untuk penyediaan bahan dan proses memasak […] More

  • Nasi Goreng Gila

      Nasi Goreng Gila memang sangat sesuai bagi mereka yang suka makan makanan ‘portion’ besar. Sebab ‘portion’ hidangan ini memang betul-betul gila. Antara bahan-bahan yang terdapat didalam Nasi Goreng Gila ‘biasa’ adalah (yang dipotong kecil) udang, sotong, ayam, kambing, daging, sosej ayam, bebola ikan, telur goreng mata, sambal belacan yang pedas dan menyelerakan, keropok, timun […] More

  • Grilled Chicken with Hawaiian Sauce

    Pernahkah anda terfikir macam mana caranya masakan seperti Gilled Chicken with Hawaiian Sauce disediakan di hotel? Jom belajar cara memasak dengan chef professional – Chef Aminorhilmi Matnoor. Video ini dibawakan dengan kerjasama The Rizqun International Hotel, Brunei More

  • Pizza Murtabak dari Chef Nurul Amal Zunar

    Kita biasa dengar dan tahu mengenai murtabak atau murtabak Maggi. Tapi pernahkah anda tahu akan kewujudan Pizza Murtabak? Resipi istimewa ini dibawakan oleh Chef Nurul Amal Zunar dengan kerjasama The Rizqun International Hotel, Brunei. More

  • Special Fried Noodle

    MEE GORENG (FRIED NOODLES) Ingredients: 1 pack of yellow noodles 200 gm boneless chicken breast, cut into 1/2-inch cubes (half cooked)  250 gm shrimp, peeled and deveined 1 cup bean sprouts, washed and rinsed A bunch mustard greens, cut into small pieces  3-4 tbsp cooking oil  2 tbsp chili paste 3 tbsp oyster sauce  3 […] More

  • Assoc. Professor Dr. Shahrim Karim

    Short biography of Dr. Shahrim Karim

    Chef Dr. Shahrim Karim was born in Malacca, Malaysia. Food is his passion and as the leading authority of the Malaysia Heritage Food, he has done numerous work in preserving the national heritage especially those related to food culture and tourism. Shahrim’s travels around the world to promote Malaysian food internationally and has been featured […] More

  • Celebrity Chef Lin

    Born in Bentong, Pahang, Celebrity Chef Lin whose real name is Norzailina Nordin has a mixed parentage of Javanese and Chinese. She graduated in the field of Statistics and Economics from Grimsby Institute, United Kingdom. Previously she was the Guest Chef at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam. Currently she is an Adjunct Lecturer at […] More

  • Chef Mohana Gill

    Brief profiles of Award Winning Children Recipe Book Writer

    Mohana Gill is an internationally-recognised award-winning writer of recipe books which promote the ethos of healthy eating with emphasis on food that mother nature provides such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc. In October 2015, her debut book, Fruitastic, won the Best of the Best World Gourmand Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. Her […] More

  • Chef Reezal

    Profiles of Chef Reezal from Brunei

    Born in 1972, started a professional cooking career since 1990. A Singaporean with experience with Various 5-star Hotel in Singapore, Middle East and now Brunei. Have been with fine dinning restaurant; Alkaff Mansion, The Sheraton Hotel, Ritz Carlton and Dynasty Singapore. Now with Rizqun Hotel. More

  • Chef Zamri

    Chef Zamri is an expert in Western food preparation, Malay cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, Middle east and Mediterranean food. He posses great knowledge on Thai Food Cuisine, Chinese Food and Korean Food. He also has a very good skills in Fruit and vegetables carving, as well as Butter sculpturing. Almost 18 years in the industry, his career […] More

  • Filah Amin

    Profiles of Norhafilah Amin from Brunei

    I can describe myself as a person who love to venture and create things that are different and unique on its own medium. After graduating from Degree and Master, the course helos me to see things differently that I see there are alot of potentials in many form I can relate myself into such as […] More

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