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Longevity Noodles can be found in any Chinese celebrations banquet because it symbolizes longevity and the important aspect of happy events. You might want to try this at home for your Chinese New Year celebration with your loved ones! 😉


340g Dry yellow noodles⁣
3 liters Hot water to boil⁣
ADELA Gold for stir frying⁣
2 cloves Garlic – minced⁣
6 pcs Shitake mushrooms – slice⁣
150g Prawns – peeled⁣
220g Chinese chives⁣
2 tbsp Light soy sauce⁣
2 tbsp Oyster sauce⁣
Pinch of sugar⁣
1⁄2 tsp Salt⁣
1⁄2 tsp Sesame oil⁣

1. Boil the noodle until tender or as packaging instruction.⁣
2. Pre heat wok with ADELA Gold.⁣
3. Quickly fry garlic, prawns and shitake mushrooms. Add the sauces and mix well.⁣
4. Add in the noodles, season to taste and add a bit boiling water if noodle is drying out.⁣
5. Add Chinese chives and sesame oil. Mix well and ready to serve.⁣

Don’t forget to try this at home!

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