Filah Amin

Profiles of Norhafilah Amin from Brunei

I can describe myself as a person who love to venture and create things that are different and unique on its own medium.
After graduating from Degree and Master, the course helos me to see things differently that I see there are alot of potentials in many form I can relate myself into such as inventing new style in cooking, producing Art and Designed pieces.
Becoming what I want to be can be very hard to be accepted in the society in majority as I mostly produce or cater myself as the niche market.
Daily, I love to venture through knowing more about people’s interests and what they do as it can helo myself to be better day by day.
With that, I always remind myself to stay focus and never would I forget what my tutor did once told me,’Love what You Do and Do What You Love’ ☺

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Written by Filah Amin

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