Flowers & Sprouts


Prep: 2 hours        

Cook: 30 mins          

Serves: 6 pax









Carmelised Onion 1 Cup

Pate –
1 Onions large, chopped roughly
5 Garlic cloves
150g Butter Unsalted
200g Chicken liver
1 Bay leaf

Dressing –
500g Chicken bones & cartilage
1 Banana Blossom, cut into ribbons
3 Tbsp Agar agar

Salad –
1 Punnet Ulam Raja cosmos caudatus
1Cup micro herbs; red amaranth, basil & mizuno.
2 Limes, zest
1/4Cup Flowers; mari- gold, aztec sweet mint & ginger blooms



• Place 500g of chicken bones & cartilage in medium size pot. Pour in enough water to cover contents and boil over medium heat. When water turns pale white strain contents and keep the liquid.

Add banana blossom and agar agar into the stock. Simmer until agar agar is completely dissolved then leave to cool.

• Soak chicken liver lobes and bay leaf in water and simmer until half cooked. Drain water. In a pan melt 100g butter then add onion & garlic. Add in lobes and fry until throughly cooked.

Place liver mixture and 50g of butter into food processor, blend until smooth. Fold in 2 tablespoons of wholegrain mustard. Season to taste with pepper and salt.

• Line ramekin with cling film to ensure an easy extraction. Place ramekin in ice bath and beging layering. Add stock after each garnish. Assemble layers in the following order; cosmos , pate, cosmos, carmelized onions, banana blos- soms.

• Garnish with micro-herbs, lime zest, cosmos & flowers. Sprinkle with peper and salt. Serve chilled

Written by Osveanne Osman

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