Mayonnaise Food Hunt @Setia Alam Night Market

What delicacies does the longest pasar malam (night market) in Malaysia has to offer? So we pick the best 11 mayonnaise-based food in Setia Alam Night Market:

  1. Kebab
  2. Roti John
  3. Burger Tingkat
  4. Takoyaki
  5. Mook’s Pizza
  6. Crepes
  7. Okono Miyaki
  8. Korean Fried Chicken
  9. Cola Chicken
  10. Seaweed Salad Popiah
  11. Japanese Rice Set

Did we miss out anything? Tell us on the comment section.

Written by Kewpie

On October 2010, 85 years after its introduction in Japan, KEWPIE MAYONNAISE JAPANESE STYLE began sales in Malaysia after receiving its Halal Certification. With steady sales in the East Asian region (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China), KEWPIE hopes to expand by increasing exports to Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East by taking advantage of its Halal Certification.

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