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Homemade Seafood Pizza

Check out this special SEAFOOD PIZZA Recipe made by CHEF Mohammad Roshan Shamsuddin . Specially brought to you in collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC) School of Culinary Arts.

1KG Flour
1 Egg
200GM Prawn
200GM Squid
2 Spoon Cajun Seasoning
Tomato Sauce
400GM Clams
20GM Garlic
300GM Mozarella Cheese
20GM Red Onion
20GM Fresh Thyme

1. mix flour, yeast and water till become dough and rest for 30 mins
2. Lay the pizza dough on the pie casing and spread the tomato sauce
3. arrange all seafood on top and sprinkle grated mozarella cheese.
4 sprinkle fresh thyme and cajun spice before baking at 230 degrees celcius for 10 minutes.

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