Linzer Cookies, an Austrian Shortbread Cookies

Originated from Austria and named after the country Linz in Austria around 400 years ago, Linzer Cookies is a traditional Austrian pastry that are famous during Christmas. It has a very special spices, comes in the form of shortcake flavored with ground nuts, and a pretty layer of raspberry jam. Happy baking with Chef Victor from MIB College!

Linzer Cookies

250g Butter
184g Icing Sugar
1 Nos Egg
250g All purpose flour
125g Ground almond
125g Ground hazelnut
1g Cinnamon Powder
1 Nos Orange Zest

Method: Creamy Method
1. Mix the butter and icing sugar until creamy
2. Gradually add in the egg and orange zest and continue mix for 5 minute
3. Lastly add in all the dry ingredient and allow it chilled for 15 minute
4. Roll into 3 mm thick and using a round cutter cut into tow layers ,the top and bottom will using the same size cutter , but for the top part , using another smaller round cuter , cut at the centre ,
5. Using egg to stick the top and bottom part

Raspberry Jam

200g Raspberry Puree
100g Sugar
4g Pectin

Method: Creamy Method
1. Premix the sugar and pectin
2. Boil the raspberry puree until boiling point ,gradually add in the sugar mixture continue boil until 105˚c and let it cool before use.

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