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Master Best Malaysian Cuisine with Celebrity Chef Lin at iCookAsia Academy

iCookAsia Academy is an online platform with an aim to provide students with knowledge that will expose them more to Asian cooking, especially in Malaysia. We want to give you a vast knowledge in basic culinary skills that are necessary in the kitchen. Besides getting to know Malaysian heritage and Asian cooking, we will also give you tips and share valuable experience to help you in the kitchen.

Have you ever been to Malaysia? Or do you miss eating Nasi Lemak as breakfast, classic nutty Rojak in Penang or Satay with its sweet and spicy sauce? Do you wish you could learn how to make them in your own kitchen? Worry no more as we are offering, “Master Best Malaysian Cuisine with Celebrity Chef Lin” on uDemy platform, that will not only provide you with many basic cooking skills, but also knowledge on the ingredients, and various types of recipes that are famous in Malaysia.


In this course, you will learn about Malaysian dishes that are sought after among tourists and locals. Learn more about the delicious dishes from all the states in Malaysia. Celebrity Chef Lin, who has 88 cookbooks will guide you through each section with detailed recipes and methods, so by the end of the course, you will master the cooking techniques. There is also a special segment on most of the ingredients used and substitutes if they are not available in your area.


How to join us? Simply sign-up as a student at, click this link, purchase the course, go through section by section, answer quizzes & you will be able to earn a certificate of completion! Remember to apply the COUPON CODE “ICOOKSTUDIES” to enjoy 60% off the original price during this promotional period!


Let’s grab this golden opportunity! Come join us, indulge in famous Malaysian cuisine and become a professional cook! SEE YOU THERE! 😉

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